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  • 15 November 2016

    Embassy of the republic of Poland in Ottawa cordially invites to the concert by Lena Ledoff "Chopin Loves Jazz".

    November 25, 2016 at 6 p.m., 443 Daly Ave.Free entrance. Due to limited capacity, please RSVP by the 22.11.2016

    1. F. Chopin Ballade g-moll – T. Monk „Off Minor”
    2. F. Chopin Mazurek D-dur op.33 n2 – M. Davis „All Blues”
    3. F. Chopin Walc a-moll – K. Komeda „Lullaby”
    4. F. Chopin Nokturn Es-dur – G. Gershwin „The Man I Love”
    5. F. Chopin Mazurek g-moll op.67 n2 – C. Porter „My Heart Belongs To Daddy”
    6. F. Chopin Preludium e-moll – Zb. Korepta „Kasztany”
    7. F. Chopin Walc cis-moll – E. Piaf „Songs”
    8. F. Chopin – Walc Des-dur

    Lena Ledoff – Polish pianist and composer born in St. Petersburg (Russia). Graduated from the Voronezh Music Academy in Russia. In 2000 she founded „Lena Ledoff Trio”. She has performed solo in Bratislava, Kiev, Paris, Prague, Budapest, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, Smolensk, Irkutsk and most of cities in Poland, including major jazz festivals in Poland e.g. Jazz Jamboree, Ladies Jazz Festival and Chopiniana. She specializes in jazz interpretation of Chopin and has become the leading female jazz pianist  in Poland. Her discography includes several CDs such as: „Wish” 2002 (jazz trio), „My sweet Fryderyk” 2010 (music of Chopin arranged for a jazz trio), „Komeda - Chopin - Komeda” 2011 (jazz suite for piano solo), „Chcę do nieba. Leningrad po-polsku” 2013 (music of a Russian rock band Leningrad arranged for a jazz trio, a singing actor and a choir). Over the years she has worked with outstanding polish jazz musicians, such as Z. Wegehaupt, P. Cieślikowski, S. Soyka, Atom String Quartet, J. Mazzoll, and A. Przybielski. She has also collaborated with Polish theatres as a composer and a musician. Lena Ledoff is a grant holder of the President of Warsaw (2010).

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